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about me

Height: 5"7 |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Blonde



Couples Therapy    |   Lead   |   LNP Productions  

Millenniums   |   Co-Star   |   Amazon 

Off The Map  |   Co-Star   |   ABC 


Two Tickets to Paradise |  Supporting Lead   |  Hallmark   |  Dir. Dustin Rikert

Star Crossed  |  Lead  |   Always Write Productions    | Dir. Pat Bradley


Man Up |   Supporting   |   Lakeshore Entertainment   | Dir. Justin Chon

Party Crasher |   Lead  |   TalkStory Productions |   Dir. Jason K. Lau

The Ants  |   Lead  |   Dir. Jerylmayne White

The Writer's Block |   Lead  |   Mindful Media Productions 


Family Portrait  | Lead   | StorySmith Productions 

Affliction  | Lead   | Mindful Media Productions 

The Final Act  | Lead   | ACM Productions 

The Intruder  | Lead   | Mindful Media Productions 

Just One More  | Lead   | New Media Productions 

Shave Ice Is Nice  | Featured   | Roman Films

Sea To See | Lead  | Rising Sons Productions 

The Reason | Lead  | ACM Productions  


Laramie Project  |   Multiple  |   Roebuck Theatre, NYC

The Power Of One   |   Gionna  |   Soren Bennick Productions 

The Calci Education Show   |  Calci |   MG Entertainment 

In The Clear Blue Sea |  Leona |   Ohia Productions 

Pele Awards | Intern |   Monarch Theatre

Androcles And The Lion   |   Isabella  |  Hawaii Theater Center 

SuperHero Smarts |   Miya |  Ohia Productions 

Wishes On Wings |   Fairy |  Hawaii Theater Center 

Once Upon One Time  |   Lost Princess |  Manoa Valley Theater

Our Town   | Townsperson |  Ron Bright Performing Arts Center

Life As you Know It  |   Allison  |  Pacific Rim Stage


Conflicts available upon request 

Training & Workshops

Matt Newton Acting Studio  |   Masterclass   |   Matt Newton & Van Hansis

Academy Of Creative Television    | Meisner & On Camera    |   Scott Rogers

Pacific Rim Arts College  |   Theater |   Creative Performing Arts 

National Academy Of Sports Medicine |  Exercise Sports Science 


The Actors Gym  | Improv  | Eric Nemoto

Additional WorkshopsMargaret Doversola, Anna Fishburn, Eric Nemoto, Karen Meyer, Wayne Ward, Keo Woolford, Eric Nemoto, Becky Philips, Franciss Ellen 

Special Skills

 Voiceover, Animation, Children's Educational Theater, Storytelling, Voice: (mezzo, musical theater), Commedia Dell Arte , Pilates, Yoga, Mountain Biking, Dirt Biking, Moped, Fitness Trainer, Water Sports: Kayak, swimming, Surf, Driver's License (Manual, Automatic), Dance: (Hula, salsa, jazz, musical theatre), Firearms Trained, Princess Entertainment, Bubble Entertainment, Firearm Trained, CPR/AED Certified, Valid U.S Passport

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