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about me

Height: 5"7 |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Blonde



Two Tickets to Paradise |  Supporting Lead   |  Hallmark   |  Dir. Dustin Rikert

Wrath & Rituals |  Recurring  | Dir. Candice Cain

Couples Therapy    |  Lead   |   LNP Productions  

Millenniums   |   Guest Star  |   Amazon 

Off The Map  |   Co-Star   |   ABC 


Star Crossed  |  Lead  |   Always Write Productions    | Dir. Pat Bradley


Man Up |   Supporting   |   Lakeshore Entertainment   | Dir. Justin Chon

Party Crasher |   Lead  |   TalkStory Productions |   Dir. Jason K. Lau

The Ants  |   Lead  |   Dir. Jerylmayne White

The Writer's Block |   Lead  |   Mindful Media Productions 


Family Portrait  | Lead   | StorySmith Productions 

Affliction  | Lead   | Mindful Media Productions 

The Final Act  | Lead   | ACM Productions 

The Intruder  | Lead   | Mindful Media Productions 

Just One More  | Lead   | New Media Productions 

Shave Ice Is Nice  | Featured   | Roman Films

Sea To See | Lead  | Rising Sons Productions 

The Reason | Lead  | ACM Productions  


Laramie Project  |   Multiple  |   Roebuck Theatre, NYC

The Power Of One   |   Gionna  |   Soren Bennick Productions 

The Calci Education Show   |  Calci |   MG Entertainment 

In The Clear Blue Sea |  Leona |   Ohia Productions 

Pele Awards | Intern |   Monarch Theatre

Androcles And The Lion   |   Isabella  |  Hawaii Theater Center 

SuperHero Smarts |   Miya |  Ohia Productions 

Wishes On Wings |   Fairy |  Hawaii Theater Center 

Once Upon One Time  |   Lost Princess |  Manoa Valley Theater

Our Town   | Townsperson |  Ron Bright Performing Arts Center

Life As you Know It  |   Allison  |  Pacific Rim Stage


Conflicts available upon request 

Training & Workshops

Matt Newton Acting Studio  |   Masterclass   |   Matt Newton & Van Hansis

Academy Of Creative Television    | Meisner & On Camera    |   Scott Rogers

Pacific Rim Arts College  |   Theater |   Creative Performing Arts 

National Academy Of Sports Medicine |  Exercise Sports Science 


The Actors Gym  | Improv  | Eric Nemoto

Additional WorkshopsMargaret Doversola, Anna Fishburn, Eric Nemoto, Karen Meyer, Wayne Ward, Keo Woolford, Eric Nemoto, Becky Philips, Franciss Ellen 

Special Skills

 Voiceover, Animation VO, Children's Educational Theater, Storytelling, Voice: (mezzo, musical theater), Commedia Dell Arte , Archery, Fishing, Pilates, Yoga, Mountain Biking, Dirt Biking, Moped, Fitness Trainer, Water Sports: Kayak, swimming, Surf, Driver's License (Manual, Automatic), Dance: (Hula, salsa, jazz, musical theatre), Firearms Trained, Firearm Trained, CPR/AED Certified, Valid U.S Passport

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